Spanish Chile Con Carne

Chile Con Carne

Mexican Red Hot Chile Con Carne

To each cup of raw or cooked, chopped or ground beef, one-half cup lard or suet, add one cup pulp of red chile pepper, two cups beef stock, salt, cook until a thick sauce is formed, serve with frijoles.

Chicken Giblet Chile

Cook chicken jiblets livers and hearts tender in small amount water; chop and add equal amount chile sauce No. 1 or 2, salt to taste, serve on Spanish rice put in dish, sprinkle with parmasan cheese or Mexican grated cheese.

Chile Con Carne (Mild)

Two cups cooked chopped beef, one-half cup green chile pulp, one-half cup suet, tablespoon lard, one cup tomatoes, one button garlic, one-half cup chopped onion. Cook until thick, serve with frijoles.

Chile Con Carne

One-half cup chopped salt pork, one-half cup suet, add one-half cup chopped onion, one teaspoon aregano, one-half teaspoon safron, fry all together; add two cups cooked ground beef, two cups frijoles, two cups red chile pulp, one cup water or three cups water and four tablespoons chile powder, salt to taste and cook forty minutes.

Chicken Chile

Boil a fat chicken in small amount water with garlic button, or slice of onion to flavor. When tender chop the meat in small pieces, heat some of the chicken fat skimmed from the liquor and cut from chicken, add flour, bit of onion, add one cup green chile pulp, two cups of water chicken was boiled in, salt; add chopped chicken, stew few minutes, serve on Spanish rice.

Chile Con Carne

Cook beef, veal or chicken with parsley, carrots, celery, onions, bay leaf. Let it cook very slowly until tender, then cut meat into small pieces, strain the juice, add to every pint one-half cup chile pulp and one cup of cooked and mashed frijoles, add tablespoon butter or lard, then meat, and if too hot add cup tomatoes, cook few minutes longer.


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