Old school food measurements


Tested and Arranged by Miss Leslie.
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Wheat flourone pound of 16 ouncesis one quart.
Indian mealone pound 2 ouncesis one quart.
Butter, when softone pound 1 ounceis one quart.
Loaf sugar, broken up,one poundis one quart.
White sugar, powdered,one pound 1 ounceis one quart.
Best brown sugar,one pound 2 ouncesis one quart.
Eggsten eggsweigh one pound.


Four large table-spoonfulsarehalf a jill.
Eight large table-spoonfulsareone jill.
Two jillsarehalf a pint.
A common-sized tumblerholdshalf a pint.
A common-sized wine-glassholds abouthalf a jill.
Two pintsareone quart.
Four quartsareone gallon.
About twenty-five drops of any thin liquid will fill a common-sized tea-spoon.
Four table-spoonfuls will generally fill a common-sized wine-glass.
Four wine-glasses will fill a half pint tumbler, or a large coffee-cup.
A quart black bottle holds in reality about a pint and a half; sometimes not so much.
A table-spoonful of salt is about one ounce.


Half a gallonisa quarter of a peck.
One gallonishalf a peck.
Two gallonsareone peck.
Four gallonsarehalf a bushel.
Eight gallonsareone bushel.
 the pound is avoirdupois weight—sixteen ounces.


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